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Death Metal / Thrash / Metal
DKI Jakarta,Indonesia

About Ritual Doom
RITUAL DOOM is one of a handful of the many bands that return of oldskool death metal scene exist in metal music, established in late 1992 with initial composition: Vitto - guitar / vocals, Vivi - guitar, Benni - bass, and Agus - drums, where at that time we still cover songs from DEATH & MESSIAH it is also our many influenced by Slayer, Obituary, Cynic, Dream Theater, Helloween, Iron Maiden, Entombed, Bolt thrower, Exploited, etc. We also at that time had a good mix with his own songs and eventually created a single 'Ritual Ceremony'. Our first event at the time of departure, it was on February 21, 1993 on the 'underground party' @ My Place discotheques, Panin Bank Building (next to queens plaza). Event by event that at that time we had visited them: April 4th, 1993 opening act Rotor Cianjur June 6th, 1993 II SMA ARSIS June 21th, 1993 UNDERGROUN D PARTY II in DPS cafe, Kalimalang June 27th, 1993 Manari Open water with VOODOO and NETRAL Sept 19th, 1993 Lipstick Roller skates and much more ... Here's a name - the name of musicians who had joined with RITUAL DOOM: Vocals: 1. Vitto: vocals & guitars on 1992 - 1994 (ex-IDIOT (Bogor) as vocals by covered OBITUARY and have also joined FLIP as a punk rock band) 2. Jollie (R.I.P.): 1994 - 1996 (after RD, he join in DELIRIUM TREMENS) 3. Banni: 1996 - 1999 (former of INLANDERS) Guitars: 1. Vivi: 1992 - now 2. Apoy: 1993 (ex-NETRAL) 3. Yuli: 1994 4. Daniel: 1994 - 1996 (ex-KILL I CAN and now on DEMONIAC) 5. Sin Bentox 1994 6. Boy: 1997 - now (ex-ABIJAIL) Bass: 1.Benni: 1992 - 1993 (ex-ADAPTOR) 2. Bey: 1993 (GRAUSIG's first former) 3. Chintya: 1993 (now affiliated with GEGER) 4. Agil: 1994 - now (ex-BETRAYER & ADAPTOR) Drums: 1. Agus: 1992 - 1993 2. Iwan: 1994 - 1996 (guitars & vocals of ALIEN SCREAM) 3. Ajo: 1997 - now (ex-ABIJAIL) During our busy trying on from one stage to another stage and a lot of music concocted in order to be accepted by society Metal music lovers, then in 1997 with a tireless struggle we finally got a mini album entitled 'Beginning Of The End' contains 5 songs: 1. Ritual Ceremony (1992) 2. Darkness Rising (1993) 3. Cannibal Festivity (1994) 4. Fresh Blood (1994) 5. Necrophilia (1996) The culmination of the resurrection of RITUAL DOOM when there is a grand event to be held on Saturday, November 21, 2009 held at the MS Hall Vicky Sianipar @ Manggarai, South Jakarta, entitled 'METAL CROT' where generation retainer - metal retainer on the '90s era gathered in one stage in order to generate more passionate spirit of the older musicians who have opened the door for future in the metal scene, so now we can all enjoy the stream of their struggle at that time. As a result of these events made us motivated to reunite again with a solid composition with vocals added by Ari ex-PURGATORY. The current Line-up: Ari / Vocal Vivi / Guitar Boy / Guitar Agil / Bass Ajo / Drums Now RITUAL DOOM is currently also working on material - new material in order to achieve our full-production album that will be returned as soon as possible and continue to beat up the metal gigs & stages in Jakarta and its surrounding underground with a solid commitment.

Contact: +6285695551896 +622199724280

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Band : RitualDoom
Genre : Old School Death Metal
Demo, Ritmik Production. 1997

- Tracksong -
1. Fresh blood
2. Necrophilia
3. Ritual ceremony
4. Darkness rising
5. Cannibals festivity
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